7 Jun 2012

MUA shade 19

MUA shade 19 - £1

I'd describe this colour as a mushroom-y gray with a hint of purple. It's pugly (A term I may or may not have stolen from The Sunday Girl blog...) pretty but ugly. To be honest though, I love it! I can't believe it cost me a pound! 
I can't remember if this took 2 or 3 coats to be full coverage, I think it was two. I did use a base coat and a topcoat or 2 for lasting power, as I don't like painting my nails more than once a week, call me lazy. 
I found it lasted around 4/5 days with only the tiniest of tip wear if you can see (the pictures were taken then). But I do have creepy strong nails that grow quite fast.
I messed up my index finger as it went bubbly and smudged a little, but I'd already re-painted 2 of my nails at that point as I'd caught them on something when they weren't dry, so couldn't be bothered to paint it again!
The second coat took ages to dry, even though the first was pretty quick. I'm sure if I forked out for a fancy fast drying topcoat I'd be fine, but oh well! ;)

xo Annabel

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  1. I absolutely love MUA for value, I have their black nail varnish and wear it often, I just find it really wet so its so easy to go wrong when I'm using it! 




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