27 Jun 2012


1. Warming up  2. Weird face & wonky glasses  3. Mint M&M's
4. lights  5. face out of stones  6. car journey with that..
7. Lancashire  8. the BEST crisps  9. he fell asleep sat up!

I don't instagram my life all day everyday, it takes me a while to get enough pictures for a post like this!  As you cans see though, nothing much has happened over here! I'm finally at home and so the pet spam has begun, I'm sorry but in my opinion they're all the most gorgeous animals, anywhere, ever ;).

It's finally starting to warm up again too so I even got to wear my brand new sandals out yesterday! It was only to take the dog for a walk, but it was quite exciting still as I've had them for over 3 weeks now!

Also, I'm having a mini melt down with this southern hard water, my hair and skin feels like crap and I have no idea what to do! I wash my hair it and it's greasy a few hours later, even with clarifying shampoo. Any tips? I don't know how people in London cope, soft water from the north is heavenly water to me now!

xo Annabel
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  1. Your dog is so cute! :) I live in London and I have to wash my hair nearly every day due to the pollution but I find the tony and guy cleansing shampoo good, it makes my hair a lot shinier and cleaner for longer, I use it once a week  :) xo

  2. omg!!totally loved your blog!!very informative , yet fun and creative!! :-))


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