13 Jun 2012


New Hair  /  Carnival in a field  /  Buttercups
Dip dye wig  /  Stir-fry  /  New little bag
I bought sandals then the sun went away...  /  shop update!  / Amazing REN goodies

I haven't 'instagrammed' much in the past few weeks as things have been a bit crazy! and not very instagram worthy either to be fair. 

I got my hair cut at the end of last month and it was just one of those times where it felt like the best hair cut in the world! It's had so much weight removed and my head felt a million times lighter even though I lost barely any length, definitely getting the same hairdresser next time, she was a star.
& then of course summer arrived and everyone was happy! It was so warm that I purchased not one but two pairs of sandals! (from new look) which apparently seemed to displease the sun and it hasn't shown it's face since! It was so cold out today that I could see my breath in the air... in June! Hopefully I'll get to wear my sandals soon.
I also updated my little shop last week and made a cheeky purchase from REN when they had a fab offer on (also made me incredibly poor, spending ban starts now!)

I'm also finally nearing 100 followers via google friend connect which is rather exciting! Though I actually just passed the 300 mark in total readers from bloglovin, hellocotton and google reader the other day which is a-mazing! who knew so many people wanted to read my blog! I only just discovered how to find out how many followers I have via google reader the other day and the number shocked me! :D So thank you all for following! I'm going to have to think of a special way to celebrate with you all soon!

xo Annabel


  1. Alexandra Safran13 June 2012 at 20:18

    im REALLY obsessed with that floral backpack.

  2. It's amazingly cute! & it was only £12 too! :) xo


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