21 Jun 2012

Empties number 1.

I've been hesitant to do an empties/used up/products for the bin, post for a while now. Not sure why, maybe I'm just odd. Maybe it's because this batch is a pretty negative bunch (not everything though!) I'm not one for too much negativity, I try to keep my blog a happy place. I'll try to keep this short and sweet :)

James Brown intensive moisture mask - A poor old forgotten about hair mask that I didn't use nearly often enough, in fact so rarely that it went out of date... by a lot. This was embarrassingly old and smelt a tad funny so to the bin it goes! Would I repurchase? Nah.

Batiste brunette dry shampoo - I do like batiste, the white cast is pretty outdated though and they need to update their formula to be invisible! I won't be repurchasing this at the moment because I can't find a definite answer if they test on animals or not, annoying! Sticking to Superdrug's own for now as I know thats BUAV approved.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm - I used this sample up absolutely ages ago! I really enjoyed using it and felt it did slightly relax my hair instead of it flicking out everywhere. Not sure if I'll repurchase just yet as it's pricey and I'd like to try other things.

Benefit bad gal lash mascara - This is the only mascara I have found to not irritate my eyes at all. I hardly wear mascara because of my glasses and I'm pretty lazy about it. This sample was also another thing desperate for the bin! talk about being out of date. No need to repurchase as I have the full size anyway.

Barry M Liquid Liner (black) - This had dried up a little and the end was all bent so it was hard to use, plus it smudged at the slightest touch.. It didn't irritate my eyes though, so repurchase? maybe if I can't find another alternative. 

Bliss blood orange and white pepper body butter - I think the world knows my love for this by now! the scent, talk about YUM. Repurchase? already have of course! (Cheers land of bargains we know as ebay)

Molton Brown lip balm - This was just 'meh' and I need something better than that for my sahara desert dry lips. Repurchase? Nope.

No7 Beautiful Skin t-zone rescue - This is a product for the bin.... I have no idea why I bought it without looking into it first, curse buying things on a whim! Does absolutely nothing of what it's meant to, perhaps even the opposite. Bin.

So not necessarily all empty, but I discovered this lot when I was cleaning up my uni room ready to move out! 
xo Annabel


  1. I love the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm, I use it all the time. All of the products in their Super Skinny line help your hair dry faster and since I have enough hair for three people, every little bit helps!

  2. not sure if you want a balm recommendation or not as us bloggers like researching but stick to ones free from petroleum & I like balm balm or figs & rouge & crazy rumor check out 
    http://www.cutecosmetics.co.uk/lip-balms-9-c.asp for cruelty free balms :)

  3. I like Benefit Bad Gal mascara, but sometimes it need too much effort to make it look good. x

  4. I never really worry about that because my glasses hide it a lot ;)

  5. It's the only thing from the brand I've ever tried and have been really impressed! I need to look into them more :) 

  6. Jae Gatchalian26 June 2012 at 04:45

    whaaat?? blood orange and white pepper. That sounds so interesting. I definitely will try it out some day.


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