19 Jun 2012

Caudalie Grape Water

Caudalie Grape Water - 200ml for £9

I admit I have barely used this since we had that heatwave a few weeks ago, it was perfect for the then swelteringly hot days... that I really do miss. WHERE has the sun gone?? I should not be wearing so many layers to keep warm in June! 

When I bought this I wasn't quite sure what to expect as the product description wasn't all that clear. This is a facial mist. In a can. There, was that so hard? It contains only 2 ingredients as far as I can see, grape fruit water and grape juice.
I bought this as a cheaper alternative to the cult Caudalie beauty elixir, which I do own, love, and cry over how expensive it is for such a tiny amount. The grape water is much better value at £9 for 200ml, but it lacks all those beautiful essential oils and fancy ingredients that make the elixer so special. 

This product is described as a soothing, moisturising spray, and that's exactly what it is. It's incredibly cooling when your melting in the heat, it is literally like a breath of fresh air for the skin. I sprayed this all over during our week long summer, every few minutes sometimes, it was pretty much heaven.
You will find that this spray, though the mist is fine is still very wet. If you spray it on your face, or go a little overboard, you're gonna look sweaty for a little bit, okay? ;) That's the only downside really, and it's not even that big of a deal!

This isn't anything like the beauty elixer to be honest, so don't go buying it thinking what I did, you'll be sorely disappointed. If however you want a lovely refreshing facial mist that's also nourishing and good for the skin, then do get this! :)

Have you tried any Caudalie products lately? 
xo Annabel

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