17 Jun 2012

Art Appreciation

I'm not a photographer in any way... I'd like to be maybe but alas I don't own a fancy enough camera for all of that (when I say I'd like to be, I'm not sure if I mean it, I just mean it would aid my own work which is more often than not digital). I do love looking at some good photography though so today I thought I'd share with you an amazing discovery in the form of Dan Mountford. His double exposure series makes my heart a' flutter! And yes these are real double exposures and not photoshop made! Incredible.

Take a look at more of his work perhaps? Facebook / Behance / Flickr

xo Annabel


  1. Wow, these are beautiful!
    Were they all taken in Brighton? I love it there, so lovely and exciting.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I love it!


  3. These are beautiful, I particularly love the last one :) thank you for sharing!


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