27 May 2012

Weekend post - Wiggin' it

I love (non-traditional) coloured hair, any colour, it's amazing. It honestly makes me genuinely happy! When I see someone out 'n' about with wacky hair I get slightly envious though now-a-days as I miss the little rebellious streak of colour I used to have.
I got it towards the end of my last year of high school (4 years ago now!) I was the quietest little mouse, I think about 12 people knew my name. And one day I came in with a huge blue chunk of hair on one side of my head... don't worry, it sounds bad but it was pretty awesome. I went to an all girls school so the rules were pretty strict and a few days later I finally got noticed and asked to remove it (I didn't ooooh!... my mum just dyed it a darker blue to try and hide it haha) and that was that, I remember walking down the halls and hearing people talk about me constantly, mostly bitching about how I got away with it, which was cheery... teenage girls are mean.
For prom I had it shocking red, and then towards the end neon pink. I carried on the epic ever changing   streak through my first year of college, until the section of hair was practically begging me to stop because it was pretty much ruined.

I miss it a lot though and have been recently thinking about getting the tips of my hair bleached , or the underneath to dye amazing colours. Even my dad misses my wacky hair, he thought it was great I was "expressing myself"! ;)

Anyway! I discovered these amazing wigs on ASOS today and that's what got me lusting and reminiscing. I don't know if I could pull off a full head of pink hair but they sure are cool. My favourite has to be the purple dip dye, I love that colour! The wigs are synthetic and not that expensive at £35, but obviously I can only guess on the quality unless I buy one. You can see the rest of the wigs here, there's a great selection of colours, but the majority of styles are the cropped kind of bob.

xo Annabel


  1. That purple dip dyed wig is great! Some days I miss all of my bright pink hair but I can't really imagine going back to it (even though I had it for so many years)

  2. I know, it looks so fun! you suit your hair dark though, so all it good! :)

  3. Ahh these look amazing, I love the pink one!
    I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair crazy colours but knowing me it'll probably turn out a disaster!

    Gillian x

  4.  I want all of the wigs! *-*


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