12 May 2012

A weekend Lust-List

Ah, If only I had a spare £160 or so then all of this could be mine, alas... I do not. There's not much of a cohesive theme for this lust list, it's just a few bits that I need want, and to be fair I could have easily made it 10 times bigger with Origins products... 

Caudalie Cleansing Water (200ml) £13.50 - I've been looking for an nicer alternative to the bioderma water, and this seems peachy. Everything I've tried from this brand has been lovely so I imagine this would be too!

Topshop Lips in Whimsical £7.00 - Described as a 'Pinky Nude' this just looks lovely! I'm trying to branch out into wearing lipstick, you know, like a proper grown up ;) & I have no idea where to start or what colours actually suit me! 

Origins Mega-Bright Skin tone correcting serum £46.00 - The priciest thing on my lust list today and also out of everything I'd like from Origins! I've read so many lovely reviews about this though, it seems to be good at fixing everything!

Topshop Cropped Jacket £38.00 - I have wanted this for so so long! I have too many American  Apparel  jackets that are too warm for hot summer days, I need a denim one. I keep looking out for this jacket on ebay but have missed out about 12 times now because I always forget that the listings are ending.

Topshop Speckle top £26.00 - I nearly bought this in Manchester the other day, but I couldn't find it in my size luckily! A frivolous purchase indeed! I'll search ebay for it eventually I'm sure ;)

ASOS Denver Plimsoles £15.00, New Look Studded Ballet pumps £15.99 & Coral knotted sandals £19.99 - I just really like shoes... but I'm extremely picky! I don't actually buy shoes all that often, even though I find some I'd like every other day. I've been on a mission to find at least one new pair of shoes for summer so I don't have to wear converse or primark pumps everyday.. but I've been failing. I bought some sandals off of asos a last week, but I'm sending them back because they look odd on my equally odd feet. ;)

What are you lusting over this weekend?
xo Annabel

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  1. Nice! I think I might need a few of these things too! Specifically that Topshop sweater and pair of studded flats! Hope you're having a good kick off to your week!


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