24 May 2012

Vitamin E Skin Oil

This little gem is part of the Vitamin E range at Superdrug and costs a whopping £2.99! The Vitamin E range, along with all of Superdrugs' own brand products is BUAV approved and completely cruelty free (huge bonus points in my book!)
I got this little bottle a few weeks ago as I've been hearing a lot about facial oils recently, and how much they can help your skin. I wanted to see for myself but I was a little cautious as I do have mainly oily/combo skin.

I went on the hunt for boot's' own version first, but after asking staff it seems to have been discontinued. In the end I'm pleased I got this one instead because boots aren't as clear if their products are cruelty free or not.

The oil itself is very light and has an almost watery consistency, it doesn't seem oily at first but once applying to the skin you can see that it is indeed an oil. I used this before moisturiser at night a few times when my skin was feeling dry or unhappy. It took a good while to sink in with moisturiser and left me looking shiny for way over an hour. However come morning I was greeted with a smoother, very moisturised and soft face, huzzah! I think this would be a must have for someone on a budget with dry skin.
This is definitely not a product I need to use often, if ever now it has come summer, but I have found a new use for it for the time being! I've been using this once out of the shower just before moisturiser, it boosts the effects of my body butter and leaves my skin very very soft indeed!

I'm loving this new venture into oil for the skin and my next oily purchase will be a splurge on the Clarins lotus oil for combonation skin, I have a sample and it is just a tad incredible if I do say so myself! ;)

xo Annabel


  1. I've got this too and it takes forever to sink into my skin, even though it's dry/dehydrated. Saying that, it is lovely and my skin looks brighter in the morning :) good review, you can't really complain for that price! haha xx

  2. i'm loving skin oils at the moment, i'm also lusting after the clarins one! LV x

  3. It smells lovely, like tea tree mm, I can't wait to get it! :)

  4. I know! It's a bargaaain!! 


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