30 May 2012

Month in Review

This month has gone far too quickly! I moved out of my university halls for the summer yesterday, 2 months of being semi-homeless and living out of a suitcase, a couple of bags and several glossyboxes full of (absolutely necessary) stuff. 
I can't wait to move into our new little studio apartment in August (bit posh sounding but it's really not) I prefer to live away from my parents, as much as I love 'em, I'm quite independent it would seem. I like doing my own shopping, making my own tea and doing my own washing and cleaning, am I odd?

On an actual post related note, todays post is something new! I'm going to start doing a month in review post (hopefully) monthly. Sharing my favourite blogs, posts, purchases and other bits 'n' bobs from the month. Sharing is caring right? :)

Top 3 Purchases: 
Ombre jeans - These were a gift actually, they're topshop Jamie jeans which are usually skin tight on even my skinny legs, but these are a little looser for once, I love the ombre effect though, I'm ombre mad at the moment! Oh and I apologize that my legs are ridiculously stick thin, it's just the way I am. I'm most definitely not a fashion blogger!
Daisy print bag - I actually only got this yesterday but what the heck it deserves a spot here because it was a complete bargain, £12! I think it's the first thing I've ever bought from george but I couldn't resist as the print is really sweet.
Real techniques brushes - I got the core collection in Manchester this month and that good ol' buffing brush has changed my life, not even being dramatic ;)

3 Blogs I've loved this month: 
And Peaches - A beauty blog run by the lovely Kelly, I love her lovely layout and posts, so informative . And she always posts about products that I actually want to read about!
Essie-Button - I really enjoy watching Estee's videos, she has such character and makes me laugh. Even my boyfriend likes watching her videos with me! Her posts are really engaging and her photography makes me cry a little inside it's so amazing.
Raspberri Cupcakes - Sweet mother of all things cake and sugar. This blog makes me drool and want to be a fancy little baker all in one. To top it all off the photography and set up is practically perfect, I've spent hours looking through every recipe, they're all so imaginative and yummy looking!

3 Posts I enjoyed writing: 

The top 3 items (out of many) I'm lusting over:
Origins GinZing eye cream - I'm a tad Origins obsessed and this eye cream is next on my list (followed by several more things from them). There's a lot oh hype around this product but it seems to get good reviews everywhere, brightening and refreshing!
Sleek contour kit - I don't have anything to contour and I lost my benefit highbeam months ago so I really want this! it's never in stock in my local superdrug which is driving me insane! I know it's back in stock online now so I'm really tempted! 
Living Nature Deep Cleansing mask - Quite pricey but you get what you pay for. The mask comes in sachets which I think is handy to stop germs spreading. The ingredients are completely natural which I love and it's a clay mask to draw out all those nasties while still leaving skin soft and nourished with essential oils.

Looking back on your month what has stood out to you?
xo Annabel


  1. thank you for the mention lovely :) 

    trust me, i love your blog too and how varied and interesting your posts are :)

  2. Oh man my biggest accomplishment this past month with blogging is sticking with it! Boy has it been a doozy!

    1. How dare you apologize for your legs being thin! You're beautiful. And I LOOOOVE those jeans (and I love them on you!)
    2. I also love how you're really getting into skin care and beauty products! I'm the kind of girl that slaps on some lipstick (and that's it) before heading out the door so its good to get tips on these things!
    3. I'm checking out all three of those blogs that you mentioned! They seem awesome already
    4. I LOVED your wig post. So fun! I didn't know asos sold stuff like tha!

  3. I know what you mean! I only post every other day now so I have time think of and write the posts!

    & I'm sorry! It's something I always apologize for seeing as people are always pointing out how thin I am! ;)

  4. I love this post, it's such a good idea to round each month up like this! x


  5. I love this "Month in review" post, such a great idea! Your ombre jeans are gorgeous - and so are you. I agree with Melanie above, don't apologize for being thin :)

  6. Aw thank you! :)


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