22 May 2012


1. A few snacks  2. Hello :)  3. Graze! 
4. Rocking one of my necklaces  5. Snuggles  6. urgh so cute!
7. My d.i.y converse  8. Cafe Nero mmm :)  9. Painting my nails ritual

A few snippets as usual, I don't post many to twitter, so you should follow me on instagram if you can, my username is fragmentedsplendour :) 

I got my first Graze box the other week too, I was really apprehensive as I'm not a fan of seeds and such, but I've really loved my two boxes so far! Especially the apple and cinnamon flapjacks and huge chocolate buttons with mint infused sultanas, mmmm. If you want a completely free box to try you can use the code CXT5Q4D (Michael did this and then cancelled after it arrived, I wish he'd of liked them more so I could have eaten them too ha!).

The rest of the images are the usual obligatory pictures of my gorgeous furry friend Seth, my gold striped converse in the sun (yes, sun!!) cheeky visits to caffe nero and the weekly nail painting shot!

My days are blending into one now that uni is over! I have to be all packed up and ready to move out by next Monday! then it's just a very long summer spent dived between 3 houses, so I will constantly be living out of a suitcase gah! Mikey and I have decided our 'holiday' for the summer will be a quick trip to London and visiting the Harry Potter studio tour (yeah!!!). 

xo Annabel

P.S. Wanna ad swap for the month of June? Send me an email or comment here! :)

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  1. amazing post, and really great blog :) What do you think, of following each other ?xoxo


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