10 May 2012


1. Dinner at Cafe Nero  2. Researching for my essay  3. Addicted to choc dips
4. Got some Clarins and lotsa samples!  5. Playing with the VSCO app  6. Puppy dog eyes 
7. Avengers!!  8. May the fourth  9. The case of the missing shoes (Note. I eventually got them)
10. 2 hands 2 colours  11. Sisters  12. Little trip to Manchester

So yes, That has been my life for the past 2 weeks condensed into 12 images for your viewing pleasure.   It started out quite stressful with a lot of deadlines and has ended blissfully with me completing my first year of uni alive! huzzah! I'm not going home for a few weeks yet though, sticking around seeing as I've paid to live here! 
Mikey & I went to see the Avengers last week too, we made it a 'date' by going to pizza hut first (Addicted to their salad bowls!) The film was seriously amazing, I wanted to see it because Joss Whedon directed (Yes, I'm one of those kind of geeks ;)) & also we love How I Met Your Mother & Cobie Smulders played Maria Hill! 
Took a trip on the train to Manchester on Tuesday as a treat, I think Michael bought more than me for once! I only really wanted to go to the Origins counter at boots anyway. I ended up getting a little something, but left feeling unhappy, you know when you're just pressured and rushed into making a purchase? I wanted to have a good look at everything and take my time but that didn't happen, so that was disappointing. Luckily there's a new counter opening in the Debenhams where I live so I won't need to go there again! :)

Hope you're having a fab week (Don't be pressured into buying things!)
xo Annabel

PS. I'll be rearranging my blog layout this coming week, so if you visit and things look odd don't be alarmed! :)


  1. Congrats on finishing uni for the summer! I hope you have a nice rest period! I'm so jealous of your trip to the cinema, Joss Whedon directed Buffy right? I think that's it (probs wrong, but I think I did a bit on him in sociology). xxx

  2. Emily Charlotte11 May 2012 at 19:08

    Choc dips!!! I used to live on them at uni, haven't had one in ages, yum!xxx


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