8 Apr 2012

Wonderful Weekend! An Etsy Easter

Hello my lovely readers! Sorry for the silence for the past 3 days (so not that long really) I've been a busy bee packing, travelling and suffering from a miserable cold that has turned my nose into a tap! (tmi?)
I also got my macbook pro yesterday, it's just a tad dreamy if I do say so myself ;) Still getting to grips with it as I've never owned a mac before. If anyone has any tips or great programmes I could use, please let me know as it's a little bare right now!

I've been feeling sorry for myself all today, with a very sore nose and throat, so have compiled a little Easter-Etsy treat list (also known as thing's that would make me a very happy bunny.. get it?) because I love a little bit o' handmade!

This lovely polka dot dress seems perfect for spring don't you think? I love the big red/coral dots, they remind me of a carnival almost!

I'm really attracted to quirky jewellery, and this piece is no exception! It looks even better on the model too, so unique.

& finally this gorgeous handmade leather bag is that perfect shade of minty green, and the perfect size to carry just the essentials, I hate carrying around a heavy bag more than anything!

Hope you've all had a lovely day eating plenty of chocolate!
xo Annabel

PS. There seems to be something wrong with my commenting system lately, not all of them are showing up! I get the email for them but cannot see them on the post to reply, I'm sorry about that & will try to fix it!


  1. Love that dress! Her shop is too cute!

  2. modernbuttercup9 April 2012 at 17:24

    Those items are to die for! I'm just drooling over that necklace! :D

    Hope you're feeling better...

    ~ Nat

  3. Yup that poke-a-dot dress would cheer up anybody! Super cute! Man I want it! :)

  4. I love love that dress! It's amazing, but so tiny!!
    I just stumbled across your blog today, and I love it.
    Thanks for sharing, lady! <3

  5. I LOVE that dress! You are right is is perfect for spring, or even summer. It would look so cute with a floppy brim hat. That etsy shop has a lot of super cute dresses. Thank you for sharing that, I might have to buy a dress from them! :D


  6. The bag and the dress don't only look beautiful separated, but together they make the prettiest  combination <3


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