10 Apr 2012


I was innocently browsing asos earlier, because hey why not, when I check in on my saved items and discovered the minty jeans I've been lusting over are back in stock in my size!
Dilemma! Do I purchase? They're £8 cheaper than my usual favourite brand so that's a plus. But I have no idea if they'll fit me right or even suit me as I've never bought asos jeans before...
The temptation is overwhelming, especially now because of that little low in stock icon hovering over the image, the bugger.

There's also a worry that I might checkout with a bag in tow too... you know, because I'm like that. & I swear I REALLY do honestly need a new bag! I use my current one for everything and it looks so worn, bless it's little heart. I'm not sure If I want to be a bargain hunter and buy the floral one or be naughty and purchase the striped which is double the price (and obviously my favourite, oh the irony)


As you can see, this whole situation has been on my mind all day & I'm probably putting way too much thought into it!!!! ;) 
Any advice?!

xo Annabel


  1. Buy the jeans!! I have done this wayyy to many times. Wanted something for so long... waited, and waited, and now I can't get them anymore and I will search ebay randomly, in hope that someone listed the item. *sigh* And both of those pursed are adorableee. <33 

  2. nice jeans)

  3. DO IT!! Bad influence? Oh well! If they don't fit can you return them? I guess that would be a pretty important thing. Anyhoo, my vote is to splurge!


  4. dooo it! don't asos have free delivery and returns? i've just gone to buy something i've been wanting for aaages on etsy and someone had beaten me to it :( 

  5. Those skinnies are such a lovely colour!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  6. My advice: Buy the JEANS! Why not? They look fabulous and are the type that will look even fabulous(er) on! And I would definitely get the striped bag. If you buy the floral, then you will constantly look back wishing you had bought the other one. To avoid disappointment, just do it! Good luck! xx

  7. blytheponytailparades16 April 2012 at 21:05

    Wow, I say yes 1,000 times to the mint jeans. GORGEOUS! 


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