24 Apr 2012


1. post-easter bargains  2. Sweetcorn smiles  3. Spending all my money
4. Pastel nails  5. A picture of me for once!  6. Jeans I returned and shorts I kept
7. Lunch with boyfriend  8. Missing my kitty now I'm back at uni  9. Sassy shirt

If I blog again this week, somebody should just yell at me really furiously, because I have an exam tomorrow, project deadline Friday and then essay hand-in day Monday!
I miss living at home and having your parents push you to work, I'm such a procrastinator, I can't focus on anything for more than 10 minutes!

au revior friends, until next time...
xo Annabel


  1. I absolutely loved your sweetcorn face tweet, so funny! I hope your exam goes well and all the deadlines get done! Good luck! xxxx

  2. lovely photos.. i would love to start a feature like this to encourage myself to take more pics.  and those shorts are AMAZING. 

  3. Hahah thank you! :) I saw that you retweeted it :P xo

  4. Thank you, it was a bargain! xo

  5. It's a good think to do! I take so many more pictures now so I know I have something to share on my blog :)

  6. It looks like you've been successful at staying away from the blog this week! ;-)

    Your nails are so pretty. I love the tonal glitter on your ring finger.

    Enter to win a pair of Fantas-Eyes sunglasses!

  7. love the las picture, beautiful collar <3

  8. Ha no way dude I'm totally going to egg you on to blog over studying! I'm a bad influence : )

    A few more things:
    LOVE the sweet corn face. Its so cute I want to vomit a little.
    I LOVE seeing that picture of you. You need to do it more often. On account of how beautiful you are.
    LOVE those shorts. Glad you kept them.
    NEED that sassy shirt. I'm obsessed.

    That is all.


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