14 Apr 2012

Hello m'dears!

I've been MIA for a few days now! (well 4, so not that many) What have I been doing you ask?? Well, we've watched nearly all of the walking dead (only 3 episodes left!) & I have been feeling a little miserable and sorry for myself with a full blown cold! Not the best when I have SO much work to do, it's left me feeling very uninspired and drained, I guess that's because I haven't been ill in the longest time, so it's seemed to knock me back a little. :(
Also on my last post about those pesky jeans that you all cried out at me to buy, well I DID! hooray! they should be here by Monday and maybe I'll get to do a little outfit post with them, if I find the time that is (and if they fit of course) all of these ifs and buts, bah. I cannot wait for the 30th of this month when my course is finished! I have so many jewellery designs scribbled in my notebook that need to be made! :)

Here's a few snaps of my week back at home full of furry friend loveliness!

1. Seth!  2. Travelling down to Cambridgeshire  3. Macbook argh!!
4. My gorgeous one-eyed pirate cat  5. Shopping!  6. Spot the cat
7. I came, I purred, I conquered  8. Sometimes I kill aliens for fun..  9. Out in the sunshine

I just love this picture for some reason, it's rather cool! 

I did a little count earlier on all the platforms that you can follow my blog, 5 different ways at least oh my! And the total showed I have over 100 subscribers spread about, so hello there, here's hoping I don't get stage fright now I know! :P

Hope you all had a lovely illness free easter week!
xo Annabel


  1. modernbuttercup14 April 2012 at 23:02

    Lovely pictures-- I love the way you took them! :) The cat in the photo is so cute--what's her name?

  2. Walking Dead=coolest show on TV. If you are going to spend time sickly and in bed you might as well watch this show. Props to you!
    PS: love your pirate cat!

  3. Thanks! I love it, pretty sad now as I've watched them all and neeeed season 3 ASAP!!

  4. Thank you! :) 


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