1 Apr 2012

A Guest Post - Photoshop tips!

Oh, hi! Just stopping by on this fiiine Saturday night... now actually Sunday, to say that on Thursday (boy I'm behind) I did a little guest post over at My Billie! It was a little tips 'n' tricks post around photoshop, because I'm a photoshop nerd (and proud!). Granted my images wont look the best on everyone's screens, which is my top annoyance, when I look at my blog on my boyfriends' laptop, all the colours just look so wrong to me, it's a pet peeve! & I know come next weekend, I'll be looking at my blog through the eyes of my mac and everything will need to be corrected to save my sanity! *le sigh* Anyway! Please go take a peek at my post on Mel's blog! Cheers m'dears!

xo Annabel

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