24 Mar 2012

A wonderful weekend

Today has been such a lovely day, filled with sunshine, shorts and a nice walk around town. It may not sound all that warm to you wherever you are but today it reached 19°C in my town! (actually it's a city but let's not get technical) That doesn't sound warm at all really does it, but I swear it was ;)
I also wandered into boots and got the most adorable sample bottle of benefit foundation I have ever seen. The woman practically threw it into my hands and ran away, so it's not the correct shade, but oh well! That was all I got on my travels today, except for some milk and pears on the way home (odd combo I know).

Anyway, today I thought I'd share with you just some of the lovely blogs gracing my sidebar that have supported me this month! I definitely think you should check them out.

1. My Billie - DIY's, creative goodness, style & more fill up this amazing blog, plus the lovely chick who runs it is a star! (My favourite post)
2. Modern Buttercup - A sugary sweet blog filled with macarons and inspiration (My favourite post)
3. Charlottes web - A fellow English lady who has a fantastic writing style that I love to read! (My favourite post)

If you'd like to be there next month, all spaces are free and are ad-swaps only, email me if you'd like to be part of the action! All blogs who sponsor me have the opportunity to guest post on my blog if they so wish (no pressure!) :)

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!
xo Annabel

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  1. Eeee Annabel thanks so much for featuring my blog! That's so sweet of you : )


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