29 Mar 2012

An update, a quiz and Easter holidays!

Quick! A test! when you look at numbers 1 & 2.. what well known logo's do you see??

Okay, so, that was random, I apologise! What you're looking at here is my current (and last for this year!) project for my degree (Fine Art in case you didn't know...). I chose the subject of this project myself, which is a lot harder to do than I thought! Anyway, I'm nearing the end of it now, tomorrow begins my 2 week Easter break and then another 2 weeks to finish up then it's d-day! A.k.a Deadline Day! I also have a research folder to finish, a visual test to study for and a lengthy essay to write (yuck). So not that much of a break really, but that's okay :)
I get to see all of my family, so just like Christmas there will be copious amount's of travelling, but I'll be blogging at least every other day to keep me sane ;) Also! Hello, I'm getting my macbook pro next weekend, I am SO excited for that, expect me to get more and more giddy as the week goes by!

(Incase you'd like to know, my project is about taking an image and stripping it down to it's "bare bones" so to speak, the very basics, the core. For example, above I used the Photoshop on two well know logos and reduced them down. Are they recognizable now? do they still have the same meaning?)

Answers were #1 was Google, #2 Coca Cola!
xo Annabel

All artwork posted here is my own, please refrain from taking these images without crediting me and linking back here, Thank you.


  1. modernbuttercup29 March 2012 at 04:52

    That's so cool! What a great project! :)

  2. Cool Annabel! I got Google but didn't get Coca Cola!


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