21 Mar 2012

A new mission

I have decided to start taking more care of my skin, mainly because it's annoying that people with nice flawless skin make me jealous. Also because I'm 20, and it's about time! 

Okay so my skin isn't the worst, It's certainly got a lot better in the past few years, but it's picky, it's oily one day and dry the next, and I've got quite a lot of redness and a few scars of old spots hanging around, it's a good look...
SO! I subscribed to glossybox last month because I like expensive miniature things.. & It's been a No7 love-fest at boots with me receiving a £5 off voucher every time I go in. This all seemed to spark something inside me and suddenly I'm reading every beauty blog I can get my hands on (Thank you kindly bloglovin) and writing lists of things I'd like to buy and try (£££££!!)

Anyway, I ended up purchasing two products from the new No7 beautiful skin range with my vouchers (I saved £10 because I bought them on separate occasions! woo!) and falling in love with two lovely products from February's glossybox (granted one is a hair product but that okay) & I thought I'd introduce a little monthly feature on my blog so I can keep track of what I'm using, how my skin is doing and share my love for all things beauty! :) This is in no way going to turn my blog into a beauty blog, don't fear, I'm still a little crafty artist inside, I just wan't the outside to be a little more well kept ;)

This stuff is like magic for me, I swear. I'm sure there's better out there, but I haven't used a moisturiser in years and for now I think I want my skin to propose to the little plastic tub.
It applies easily, takes a few minutes to sink in and then hey preto, my skin is soft, matte (For a good portion of the day) and ready for action!

This is a nice fine grain that still manages to give my face a good scrub, I've only used it once so far as it's my most recent purchase, but that one use left my skin so fresh and soft.

I've used this on my hair every single time I've had a shower since I got it, it's a lovely non-greasy gel formula, almost like water that goes on damp hair. I'm actually almost out of my sample now and am going to have to see how my hair is without to justify buying a new one! It does I think.. make my hair dry a little faster and smooth my frizz (okay so that's a definite) so instead of a wild mess once dry, my hair is calm, cool and collected.

Another glossybox mini. This has lived in my shower and I love it, the smell is nice, like a sweet orange. I put a few drops on my scrunchie and it creates a soft foam that leaves me seriously squeaky clean, honestly.. I think my skin squeaked. I also have been using it to wash my face, 1 drop diluted and rubbed between my hands makes a light foam but leaves my face feeling so clean. I'm not even half way through the bottle yet so we'll have to see If I repurchase, but I do really like it! :)

Phew that was long winded, I am sorry! maybe only 2 or 3 products next month instead? 

Any new products or beauty blogs you've been loving this month? share them with me a fuel my new addiction! ;)
xo Annabel


  1. This is funny, I am also 20 years old and a full time university student (though not studying fine art and not in England). 
    And I am addicted to skin care products too!! 
    I don't have terrible skin, but it does need a little taking care of occasionally and I have been recently trying to establish a new regimen.
    A few weeks ago I started using Jojoba oil (posted about it on my blog..) and so far it seems to be working rather well (as long as I can resist the urge to pick at the occasional pimple!) 
    I will definitely keep a look out for the products you mentioned in this post!.. I think I'd really like to try the No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Exfoliator (if I can find it in US stores!). 

  2. Oh gosh, how strange, hell US twin! 
    I'm going to look into Jojoba oil most definitely and see if my skin might like it :) I hope it keeps working for you! 
    No7 is sold in Boots stores as it's their brand, I don't know if you have the new beautiful skin range yet as it's quite new here :) xo


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