5 Mar 2012

Instantly Monday update

1. Smurfs! Actually an awesome film :) 2. Fringe necklace 3. Editing
4. I like making patterns 5. It's Seth! yes I know, he's adorable 6. Sunshine
7. My threadless Harry Potter top 8. Us :) 9. Some work in my sketchbook on possession.

So that's what's been going on this week! My parents came up at the weekend with Seth, we smuggled him into my halls, it was... interesting.
They also told me about an opportunity for me to get a new laptop, a macbook pro! I think I died inside from joy when those two words came into the conversation. I love my little Dell a lot, I purchased him all by myself nearly 3 years ago now and he's an excellent trooper, but come on, a mac?? a mac is my dream baby! So we'll see!! :)

Happy Happy Happy Monday folks! xo


  1. Ahhhhh a Mac!! Yes. I die!! Please let us know if you end up with one : ) Seth is darling. And I love that necklace!! Hope all is well with you lady!

  2. PS lady you're tagged in a post that'll be up tomorrow at 10 am central. Hope you've had the loveliest of days sweet girl!

  3. I want a mac book so bad, you're so lucky! I want to see the Smurfs, is it really that good? I'm going to pinch one of your buttons if that is ok! xxxxx

  4. I kind of want to see the smurfs now, I watched alvin and the chipmunks on tv at the weekend and it was amazing haha

  5. I have NO idea what time that is in my time, but YAY :D

  6. I am I am I am! It'll be here in the next two weeks eek :) Thank youuu, and you too! xo

  7. I'm paying for it myself, so not so lucky that im going to be poor for a long time, but I don't care! so excited! :) Yes the smurfs is honestly so so good, I recommend a watch :)

  8. I've never seen the chipmunks, their squeaky voices are odd :P 


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