14 Mar 2012


Can you believe it's Wednesday already?! I sure can't. I'm not entirely sure where Tuesday went... I know I made spaghetti bolognese for tea, but the rest of the day tumbled away into oblivion, and by that I mean procrastinating. Ack!
I wasn't sure what to blog about today, but then I realised I hadn't done a post for my "Inspired" series in such a long time. Which got me thinking about what has been inspiring me lately... and the answer? other than the beautiful geo trend that's going on, there's not that much. Soooo... I'm digging down deep and sharing with you one of my favourite artists. Rafael Lozanno-Hemmer. I went to see a solo exhibition of his in Manchester a few years ago (Twice actually) and it just took my breath away, I was obsessed. I wrote my main Essay from last year on the exhibition, and have included his work as research in 2 of my projects since. (I did say obsessed didn't I??)
If you ever hear his work is in town, just go. It's not something I can write about without rambling on for hours about the experience.
This was the Pulse room, my favourite. A machine takes your pulse and then plays it to you in the form of a flashing light bulb, it's quite mesmerizing because the whole room is glowing with pulses, all different, even mine for a while until it moved out of the system. This picture I took (excuse the blurry old camera-ness) shows my pulse glowing bright at the top, and Michaels' at the bottom about to join the rest.
I also saw (& took part in) while I was there "33 questions per minute", "Microphones", "Empty your pockets", "Pulse Index" and a few more.

Hope you have been inspired to visit and experience some alternative art forms!
xo Annabel

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  1. Ha that sounds incredibly crazy and awesome. I think I'm overstimulated about the whole experience just reading about it!


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