9 Mar 2012

Fab friday

I was going to make this post yesterday, as I usually name the feature Fabulous Thursdays (even though I know Fab Fridays sounds better) ... but then life happened and then the rest of the evening was just lots of episodes of Modern Family (We have just started watching, love it!)

I have been rather busy with my current project work and I still have plenty to do! so short and sweet posts will be a common thing for the next week or two until I find time to focus more. The blog won't be bare though, posting keeps me sane! ;)

This amazing tape from seventytree is on my wishlist and teetering into my must buy right now list! I also discovered the Seventytree blog, which I love!

This ring, oh my gosh this ring! Vintage, my birthstone (opals) and sparkle! dreamy!! Shame it's £900...

+ Melanie shares tips on a style I wish I could pull off!
+ These gifs are sweet, I wish I got to see how I slept during the night :)
+ Sarah posts about inspiration and blogging, an interesting read.
+ I love anything ombre, from ombre Napkins (found via oh the lovely things) to ombre jeans!

Have a lovely weekend! xo


  1. jenlittlebirdie9 March 2012 at 19:31

    Hi! Just found your blog through HelloCotton. It's lovely! I just bought some of Kerry's triangles tape, and it's now stuck all over the house! x

  2. EEEEeeee I love Modern Family!! Kam's my favorite!! Thanks for the blog mention--you're awesome! 

  3. I just discovered your blog. Love it!! Can I please have that ring already? It is to die for. Xo

  4. I really love that tape! So sweeet :)

  5. I know, I want some sooo bad! :)

  6. I'm not sure who is my favourite yet, they're all so funny! :P you're welcome :) 

  7. Thank you so much! :) eep, jealous, I really love it!! xo

  8. that tape is so cute!  now i want some :)


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