16 Mar 2012

Brand new

I FINALLY got around to taking pictures of my new pieces today, the light was just about okay, it's been depressingly cold and cloudy round these parts for far too long...
Anyway, yes! new! as you can see my obsession with natural stones is off the charts and continuing to grow, I have some beautiful raw turquoise and quartz pieces coming next time! ;) 
What we have here are some fierce collar necklaces3 tier opalite beauties and triangle-ametrine love. I'm so proud of all of these, and probably a little too in love, eh.

(PS, don't forget there's a 10% off code in my sidebar!)

Oh and, happy Friday m'dears!
xo Annabel


  1. Oh my goodness these three pieces are gorgeous, you are so talented. I'm on your shop right now and I am resisting the urge to spend all my money! I'm going to do some serious saving! xxxxx

  2. Aw gosh, thank you so much Becca! :D xx

  3. Your jewelry is beautiful! I absolutely love that purple stone, and your use of geometric shapes. Very very cute, as is your blog! 

    xo Eden

  4. Thank you so much! :)

  5. Annabel your new stuff looks so great! Off to check it all out : )


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