17 Feb 2012

A vision in white {Collection}

Hold up, this isn't anything wedding related, I just really love white! Honest :) I'm only 20, sheesh.
Anyway! White, white white, It's simple, clean and a little bit daring (Ever eaten spag bol in white? no? I dare you to come away spotless...) I love wearing white, I only have a few pieces in white but I always feel good in them, I also like that it makes my hair whether it's currently red or brown look really nice, is that weird? I can't describe it.. but it's like it makes it stands out. Hmm.

Here's a iddy biddy collection of pretty gorgeous white things:

Dress via thiefandbandit

Art print by whatkatiedoes

xo Annabel

1 comment

  1. Oh man I'm waayy too messy to wear white, but I'm in LOVE with that messenger bag. About to go check out your guest post at Modern Buttercup : )


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