6 Feb 2012

Today I'm Lusting over...

Cat wallpaper and a certain oversized jumper!
My god, just look at that wallpaper, seriously... adore. I actually just ordered a sample of it from the website, because hey, it's free, pretty and useful for probably a thousand things. If you'd like your own, because I know you do, go here! click click!. I can imagine it perfectly as a feature wall in my future studio/bedroom/living room/anywhere. I think I'm obsessed.

Next up is this Ivory crochet knit sweater from shoplimbs on Etsy, I'm a creature of comfort and this, this is just perfect and pretty all in one. I like the way the it's styled in the images, casual yet classy, though I probably couldn't pull off those heels she's wearing, no sir, too high. 

What are you lusting over this week? xo


  1. I love that cat wallpaper, ordering a sample right now!

  2. I hope it's a decent size and not a scrap, that would disappoint me :(

  3. I love the cat wallpaper- it's very simplistic and whimsical. I love it! :)


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