22 Feb 2012

Raw Chocolate

On Monday I got a little treat in the post, a miniature belated valentines gift from Michael! I'd seen RawChocolate on Etsy and faved them immediately, as I do with nearly all food shops on Etsy that are in the UK, they're few and far between! I mentioned them to Michael, because come on, Raw chocolate?? that sounds mighty interesting! He thought so too, so bought me a bar to try :)
Why raw?

When cacao is cooked, almost all of the nutrients, minerals and antioxidants are lost in the process. Cacao in its raw state is actually considered a superfood – it contains over 300 nutritional compounds, it is one of the richest sources of antioxidants and is full of essential minerals – especially rich in iron, zinc and magnesium. It even contains the natural “love” molecule PEA.

Most chocolate is made with cacao that has been cooked and chemically treated – it is also usually full of refined sugar, processed oils, artificial preservatives and emulsifiers.

Raw Chocolate by Ailey Mae has only pure, high quality ingredients and absolutely nothing artificial. It is suitable for vegans, diabetics and anyone on a weight loss diet.
- Taken from RawChocolate

Chocolate is a superfood? Chocolate contains love?? Sounds about right!

It doesn't disappoint, granted it's a small bar for a price that I can't afford on a regular basis, but oh my gosh, it's dreamy. The texture reminds me of a slightly more solid lindor centre, if that makes sense? It's buttery, creamy, dark and has just the right amount of mint. Without the mint I think it would be too much, because it is quite a dark chocolate, but another factor that helps is the smoothness, it melts so easily in your mouth. It's not bitter by any means either, in fact, I'd say this was the perfect bar of mint chocolate, thank you Michael! 
(I also got a little sample of their mango flavour, I'm not a fan of fruit and chocolate really but it was surprisingly nice!) (Strawberries dipped in chocolate?? why ruin two lovely things? why?!)

raw chocolate
It arrived a little broken... so I bit it.. you know for photography purposes ;)

Mint raw chocolate

I recommend checking out RawChocolate, especially their mint flavour!
Happy Chocolate day Wednesday xo


  1. Ooooh I love chocolate, and mint chocolate is my fave.. I may have to check these out when I get paid! x

  2. You should! It was lovely treat, I want another bar :P x

  3. Ah, it looks delicious! I love mint chocolate! xxx

  4. It's SO good! :) xo


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