7 Feb 2012

Motivation Hibernation

This post is serious business, serious. Well, maybe. 
You see, I have a bit of a procrastination problem, I rather enjoy wasting my time. Not wasting it per-say just putting off anything that I actually have to get done. I blame this laptop, it's cursed in its enticing ways, it's always good to me and  never crashes. Okay so maybe it's not my laptops fault, maybe it's mine.
So I'm making myself a promise, to be better, to do the things I need to do before I get lost and distracted. 
& boy do I get distracted a lot! just now I've stared off into space a few times, yawned, thought about one of the squinterns from Bones because I couldn't remember his name, looked longingly at my empty cup of juice and admired it's lovely cup-ness, messed about on my iPhone and squished a bit of white tac into more of a ball shape.
I've read a few posts and thought of a few things that might help me focus more, so I'm listing them here as a reminder, maybe they'll be useful for you too! :)
1. Wake up!
Something I la-la-love doing is sleeping, it's great. Something I don't like doing so much is getting up, yuck. I'm not telling myself to get up at 7 everyday that's just crazy and would kill me, but I am telling myself to get up when I wake up the first time and not just drift off back to sleep for another hour, that will help me stay awake and not be in a constant state of sleepyhead-ness.
2. Eat breakfast AND lunch.
I very rarely eat both, and tend to combine them and just have one meal at an odd time of day, like 11 or 2. Silly. So I will be making more of an effort to eat both of my cheerios and sandwich each day.
3. Drink more water and fresh juice.
Fizzy Vimto is my favourite, though apparently fizzy drinks aren't good for you?? pah! This is me making more of an effort to flush my system of the bad stuff, help my skin and not wake up dying of thirst in the middle of the night.
4. Music can help.
I don't listen to a lot of music anymore, I used to but just sort of... stopped. When ever I do listen it helps me knuckle down and drown out distractions, so more music please!
5. Take a break
All of these things I've got to do can seem daunting sometimes, so I've decided it's okay to take 20 minutes off and watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother, and it's okay to read a few new blog posts or take time to spend with my boyfriend. It's okay, be calm.

That's my list for now, I don't want to rush into anything and declare myself a changed woman overnight, that's not going to happen now is it, I'm a 20 year old student afterall, so I'm slightly proud of the effort I'm making now! ;)
Hopefully by this time next week I will have been more productive and less of a lazy bones in terms of my art project, essay and research sketchbook, jewelery making, designs for charlotte and maybe cleaning a bit! xo


  1. I love your list! I am also a chronic procrastinator and will get up and wander over to my laptop in a daze and will stay there until I snap out of it hours later. Bad laptop haha! I am a big list writer and find that helps a crazy amount. I have just started drinking a heap more water and find I am not walking off every 10 minutes to make a tea or coffee so I think you're onto something :) x Melissa

  2. I LOVE this post :) I totally relate to it and you have definitely inspired me to get in full motivation mode :) Thanks!

  3. I am so guilty of procrastination too! I've found that I need to make myself do stuff as soon as possible, too - because preparing a presentation on Thomas Hobbes the night before is NOT fun, as interesting as anything else was that week!


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