21 Feb 2012

Instantly Tuesday

1. Tiny boxes for my jewellery  2. Sky  3.Favourite dress
4. My first Macaron!  5. A charm necklace I made  6. Michael is finally reading these!
7. Out and about  8. Raw chocolate (yum!)  9. New art print needs a frame

xo Annabel
(PS. Post about my RAW chocolate experience coming tomorrow! eep!)


  1. I've never tried macarons.. are they nice? They always look so much like bath bombs to me that i can't seem to get myself to eat one!

    I love your art print by the way, and reading harry potter is something everyone needs to do in their lifetime

  2. They're ... odd? sort of chewy with a slight almond flavour. I liked the chocolate ones best ha :P
    I know! :) 

  3. Congrats on eating your first macaron! Let there be many more! :D

  4. They are awfully odd! I think I need to try a lovely fresh one before I make up my mind though :)


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