23 Feb 2012

Glitter is good for you!

I have never been more enraptured by anything... I keep staring at my hands. Don't judge me, but have you seen my nails? have you? Good job I've taken too many pictures to show you then isn't it!
The polish is "Ice crush" by topshop, obviously. It was tough decision between this and the pink version, I stood there for ages uhm'ing and ahhh'ing about it while Michael got impatient with me ;) 

This is definitely an incentive to begin painting my nails more! I can't wait to paint it over a colour.. I might need to actually buy some other colours first though.. I have my eyes on these topshop colours for now "Heart of Gold, Gypsy Night, Parma Violet & Pool Party" , plus a few Orly ones in my local boots, I wish they had models own there too, but they don't...

Some instagrams, because I document momentous occasions like this!
Happy Sparkle filled Thursday!
xo Annabel


  1. Oh my goodness your nails are so nice! I wish mine were long. I'm glad you went for this glitter, it has a great mix of different sized glittery bits! xxxx

  2. This is pretty! I have a similar polish from New York Color that's all blues, silvers and purples, it's one of my favourites.

  3. Ha your nails are crazy! But awesome! Yes sweet Annabel lets keep sponsoring each other and do a guest post for each other : )


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