24 Feb 2012

Collection! Mint Shoes

Aw man, I'm in serious need of therapy, I mean really. I'm an addict, a sneaky little addict, and that addiction is shoes! (along with my other addictions to cats, cat related clothes, cuddling cats and sometimes dogs too). But this season I'm able to embrace two of my loves! My general love of all things an aqua minty colour and shoes! Hello! Look at this epic collection I've whipped up, It really wasn't hard, there are so many about.

mint shoes collection
4. Kurt Geiger (On sale!)
6. Hunter

I really hope that the Topshop brogues stay around until the end of next month, I REALLY need them in my life, they're one of the 3 pairs of shoes I will be hopefully purchasing for summer.. granted they stay around till then, Topshop is so fickle. (My second and third pair.. if you were wondering are some wedges from New look and some Toms ballet flats) (There's a 50% chance that isn't true though, I change my mind a lot) 

I hope this minty shoe post has left you feeling minty fresh and ready for spring! Happy Friday! xo

(PS! March is nearly here! I offer ad swaps on my blog, if you'd like to trade buttons for march, email or leave a comment xo)

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