8 Feb 2012

2nd Project.

I've been meaning to post this for aaaaages! basically what I did for my second project at uni that was before christmas. It was based around consumption and the high street and.. you know, stuff. 

I took over a window in the studio and covered it in paper poms, they looked a little like an explosion of brightly coloured mould in the end, I though it was pretty cool. My tutor marked me down though because I could have made more and covered the area like a growth taking over to express my point more. Clearly she didn't know how poor I was and how expensive this tissue paper was (neither did I at first, but trust me buying this much tissue paper is not cheap)

2nd Project - A window of paper flowers

I also took a series of photographs in the dark with just a little battery powered bulb illuminating a tonne of yarn pom poms that I also made (again with the £££... I have no control at all) I got some pretty interesting shots with lovely shadows and shape, I think I liked these most of all :)

On the wallclose up
Anyway! That was pretty much all I did for the final pieces, along with my sketchbook to accompany it all. I got a 2:1 in the end, which is fair because I got a little bit lost along the way, not knowing what to do and doubting myself. I hope my current project doesn't go that way because it was a little stressful.

Hope you are all having a good week! xo
P.S. I got disqus for the commenting system, this way I can reply directly to each comment! :) 


  1. This is so cute :) I kind of want tissue paper multicoloured mold now lol

    Thank you for the buttons and the set up help btw, you're my favourite person this week x

  2. Haha, they're so easy to make, I recommend taking over window near you! 

    You're welcome! I'll be getting back to work on the nav bar as soon as I get back home :) 


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