17 Jan 2012

A Wishlist

Now lets talk about this addiction I have to a little thing called handmade, okay? (Not to mention the general addiction to buying anything pretty I see, making me seriously poor all the time, savings? what are those?)
You should know I spend a good deal of time on Etsy, because it's a gold mine, a treasure trove of A* quality. It makes me weep a little inside that I've never won the lottery, or just generally been able to afford all of the beautiful things I find. I'd be a classy little gal surrounded by artwork and jewellery all the time, maybe some pretty vintage shoes on my feet and a hand crafted scarf round my neck. Lovely.

Alas, that is not the case, so instead I just click the little heart next to the pretties so I have them with me forever... in virtual terms, and can look at these hearted items whenever I please ;)

Here are a few of my recent favourite discoveries >> (click the images to go to the shops)
Moorea Seal

River Luna


Michelle Chang Jewelry


Happy Tuesday! xo


  1. Love the rings, feather prints and that bowl!! Thanks for sharing the lovely finds. How are your online shops going??

  2. Aww I love these, I need to get into etsy i think. Love love love the Potter necklace x


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