2 Jan 2012

Where have I been?!

Happy new year! :) Hope you have all had a lovely time over the holiday period :) I thought I would have been back to posting quite a few days before this but I wildly underestimated how busy I would be travelling everywhere, missing trains(!!!) and being with my family! Plus I didn't quite know what to post for some reason, probably just bloggers block ;) no doubt caused by eating too much. 

I do have something to share with you today though, A blog make-over I did for the lovely Modern Buttercup blog! It was my first go at designing anything for anyone else before (so the stakes were high!) The theme was really just a simple blog layout with pale yellows and blues. I'm not a 'from scratch' blog designer... I just do image designs really, So I used a lovely free template from pugly pixel and we tweaked it to suit her needs. I did get a bit sassy with a pretty sweet nav bar! You really should go check it out and run your mouse over the buttons ;) *proudmama* Overall I call it a successful 'refresh' & I'm so glad she likes it :)


And finally a few snaps from Christmas at home with my mum and then my dads, surrounded by a very cuddly cat that appeared to have missed me (So of course I melted) & I also got my lovely package from Emma! I still need to blog about that when I get back to uni and can take lots of pictures (though I appear to have eaten some of it....)


  1. This is very cute.. how do you do that thing with the nav buttons?? xx

  2. It looks gorgeous! Happy Monday xxx

  3. Thank you :)
    It's CSS coding xo

  4. Oh yayyy I think you did a great job with her blog! I just came across pugly pixel a few days ago and now I'm what some people may call OBSESSED. I love community-driven people who want to encourage and inspire. It's so refreshing, isn't it?

    Lovely running into you ma'am : )



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