29 Jan 2012

How to Complete a Uni Project

Artwork and images by Bryony Crane

This.. is relevant to my life, and probably any other student regardless of their course. I love the sweet illustrations and repeated cups of tea! ;) (... though I actually don't like tea all that much) You should have a peek at the lovely Bryony's shop & website most definitely!

Hope you have all been having a good weekend! xo


  1. Oh I definitely relate to this! My uni routine was exactly like this.. with even more tea, and so much procrastination it wasnt even funny.. my room was never so clean as it was when i had a deadline to meet x

  2. Sounds exactly like me now, I wish I had the willpower to turn off my internet and focus more, but no!

  3. Haha I can relate to this too! Especially the procrastination part. Lovely illustrations!


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