12 Jan 2012

How do you choose?

So, I've wanted to open up my own shop online for months now, I've been secretly preparing myself, gathering supplies, designing and creating whenever I have a free moment.

And then came the time to looking into actually getting this baby up and running! my original choice was Etsy, I've had my username as my shop name since the start... but... I noticed these other market places popping up and blogs & shops I followed were with these hosts instead. So I took a peek into what they were offering, so much variety! How do I choose?!
There's Goodsie, which I discovered when Kara opened up her new shop Stuffkaramade and it was so pretty! so different to the always white and orange Etsy. However I noticed it costs $15 a month there, and in the early stages of a business, a business that might not even succeed, am I willing to spend that much and not make a single penny profit for what could be months? Not right now no.
Then of course there's big cartel but this again charges you monthly, not as much at first, but if you want to upgrade or expand your line, things could get mighty costly, double that of goodsie for the full package!
Lastly I discovered Storenvy, from the lovely Dana over at Wonder Forest and her shop! Finally, an online store that's free free free! The customisation reminded me of Goodsie, which I liked and you can edit practically everything with a little bit of knowledge! There are a few drawbacks like the others... The community is much much smaller than Etsy, I'm not sure if that's a blessing or a curse, people are accustomed to Etsy, I know I am, I feel comfortable making a purchase there, it's all very easy. Yet opening a shop on Etsy is joining hundreds of thousands of shops, making you feel a little lost among the crowd without some serious advertising! In contrast to this Storenvy (as im typing this) has 9,672 stores, and even though that can sound a lot, compared to the giant Etsy, it's teeny tiny!

I'm sorry about that mouthful! all I really wanted to say is that I've decided to open two stores! One with Etsy and one with Storenvy, because I feel like I'll be attracting two different audiences (hopefully) I *think* I'm going to be advertising my Storenvy store as my main shop, but I've always dreamed of having a successful Etsy shop... so I'm currently at a bit of a loss of what to do, feel free to please give me some guidance! ;)

Shop my Etsy - Shop my Storenvy
(have a nosy around them both, tell me what you like best :))
Annabel xo


  1. Hey girly. I'm actually going to be opening an online shop soon too. Still in the planning an designing and making stages though. As I was reading through your post I thought about doing etsy + storenvy too. I'm thinking that's best because then you get the best of both worlds. The only question I have with that is..do you have two of everything so you won't have to keep track of what sells at one store and take it off the listings for your other store..? Does that question even make sense?

    Good luck to you lady!

  2. Hey :)
    That question did make sense haha :P To answer it, I've listed everything in my storenvy store at the moment, and am going through listing things in my etsy shop that I know I can make multiples of. Anything that is one of a kind stays in storenvy for now, depending on how things go, I may end up listing them over on etsy too. I'm just not sure yet, it's all a bit argh!

    Thank you sweets! xo


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