31 Jan 2012

A consulting detective?

Lets take a moment to talk about Sherlock... shall we? Well I'm going to anyway, It's my blog and because I'm finally up to date! Its amazing, incredible, a bit addicting... I absolutely can not wait for season 3, shame it's probably over a year away though.
I've been browsing the world of tumblr, some people just know how to work magic with photoshop don't they? beautiful images and I thought I might show a few I found while on my dashboard travels :)
All with credit to the original makers of course.

I used to be absolutely addicted to tumblr! I learnt how to make gifs especially because of it and got pretty snazzy with photoshop sometimes ;) (or so I like to think!)

+Update status on the pineapple jelly ... Still not made. 


  1. Never watched this, but really want to now xx

  2. I love love love Sherlock. I love both the lead actors and think the writers (who clearly love the original stories and films)  have brought the stories up to date while still remaining respectful with a lot of fun. This is my go to series for a rainy day. 


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