27 Jan 2012

Birthday boy!

Hello! I've been absent for a few days, but I have a good reason, It was Michaels birthday yesterday! 20! We celebrated together by going to Pizza hut for our lunch/dinner (somewhere he had never been before, what!?) & then his parents had arranged with me to surprise him and bring him home for the weekend, so we're currently at his house, eating take-out plenty and watching films on an actual TV! ahh a student life.

I'm really loving instagram! I'm obsessed seriously, especially with just a few of the effects, mmm pretty. I like being able to share bits of my life easily, seeing as I really don't ever carry my real camera around, I'm just not that kinda girl (at the moment... maybe one day, seeing as I'm lusting over a pretty canon right now..)

Happy Friday! xo


  1. Oh yayyy sounds like you're having a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing your instagram pictures. That's something I need to do more of!

  2. Wait wait wait... you'd never been to pizza hut? I hope you're having a lovely weekend x


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