13 Dec 2011

If my cats could lust over anything

It would be this amazing hand felted cat bed! I mean, I'd like to think that they would lust over something this beautiful, but it's probably just wishful thinking, I'm sure I'm more accurate in saying all they really want is fresh salmon or chicken or something. Sigh.



  1. Oh that is adorable!! I love cat beds, they always look so cosy! unfortunately my two prefer to take over my bed so I have no excuse to buy this :( I bet you're looking forward to seeing your kittys over christmas!! xx

  2. Oh that is SO cool! I have been reading your blog the past half hour--loving it!

  3. I know, my cats never really use cat beds, but I wish they did! I sooo am ;D xx

    Thank you Lisa :) !! xxx

  4. Ahhhh this is so cute! I want a cat (and a cat bed) sooo bad! xxxx


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