19 Dec 2011

Home for Christmas

I woke up absolutely freezing this morning because the heating hadn't been on, luckily, my personal hot water bottle got under the covers with me and we had an extra hour nap. Shhh.

So yes! I'm home for Christmas (technically the first of 3 in my winter break but we'll get to that later..) & It's a complete mad house! My mum and step-dad have just moved to this new home in the past month, and as they're downsizing... by a lot, there are boxes everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I mean e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! This means there aren't any decorations up, not even a tree, so that's a little depressing, but I'll get my fill of all that pizazz at my Dad's next week, then my boyfriends the week after, so hurray for that!

Hope you are having a much more festive holiday than me at the moment!


  1. we've only just put us ours up today so I feel your pain about lack of decorations! It makes you appreciate them more I guess! xxxx

  2. what a cute little pup nose poking out! hehe

  3. At least you're back with the animals! xxx


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