1 Dec 2011

Fabulous Thursdays

Cats! Are! Fab!
Sorry, but I'm a total cat-aholic, I just want to snuggle them forever (and ever). I've been surrounded by them since I was -zero (aka womb bound) and I'm currently in a stage of my life where I'm not surrounded by cats... and erm, this makes me sad.
You may be a dog person reading this (because I know you exist) and be thinking pah! but I totally love dogs too! they're gorgeous and funny and I could provide you with hours of talk of my dog Seth because he is a hilarious character and cute as a button! ;)
Okay, maybe I'm a bit of a dog person too... so I play for both teams, nothing wrong with that, I'm also on the dream team for pandas, chinchillas and foxes, but whatev. (seriously)

Fabulous cat related things coming up, brace yourself! (I want to own them all)

Oh hey it's a super old picture of my sassy cat, Miles. How unimpressed does he look on a scale of one to 10? I'd say 20. I guess Ribbon isn't his thing, his thing is bringing home dead stuff, actually. (He doesn't do that so much any more now he's older and one eye down)

Oh hey, speaking of cats.... check out my pinterest board for lots of images like this...

Happy cat filled Thursday!

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