2 Dec 2011


I came across a little trend on the paper mama blog and thought I'd join in for today :)

Working on: Making as many tissue paper and yarn pom pom's as I can possibly make in the next two weeks for my current project, sometimes.. I curse myself and my own ideas because they're a ridiculous amount of work. (last year I made over 150 felt balls for a final piece.. yeah.)

Thinking about: Christmas and what I still need to buy for everyone (argh!). Pom poms are now always on my mind... and also spending too much money and not getting enough sleep.

Anticipating: Going home and seeing my family on the 16th :) The Hunger Games coming out in March. Sleep. Posting my lovely package to Emma!

Listening to: Florence + The Machine's new album pretty much contantly. She is beautiful.

Drinking/Eating: Fanta Icy Lemon and at least one Cadbury flake a day.

Wishing: There was an extra 4 hours in the day for me to do everything and still have time to just relax a little. I also wish that there was a new episode of The Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother every single day for me to watch. That's all I ask, is that too much?

What are you currently up to? :)

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