28 Nov 2011

When I am sick...

I want to watch Harry Potter and cuddle cats. I can do neither of those things because I don't have any Harry Dvd's (I've been waiting since the very first film came out when I was 10 years old ... maybe 11 until now with them all out to get them in a beautiful special box set! I'd like to think that's dedication, thank you!) and I don't have any cats to hand to give cuddles, my 2 kitties went on a stressful 3 hour drive to Cambridgeshire yesterday with my mother because that's their new home! 3 hours away! what's that about??

So to make myself better, I'm going to spam you (what?!) with Harry Potter images... and then maybe Cats tomorrow ;)
most of these are taken from hunting through my old personal tumblr. :) click the images for sources

more >> one / two / three / four / five / six / seven ... oh just one more, eight

                                                          and to you,
                                                if you have 
                                                         with Harry  
                                                                until the 


  1. Oh I LOVE Harry Potter! I got so obsessed with the books at one point that I kept dreaming that I was one of the characters.. very exciting of course lol.

    I have the biggest crush on Ron too, the love story with him and Hermione is so sweet.. especially in the 6th film (and 7th book) when the Horcruxe tells him Hermione would never be interested in him with Harry around.. breaks my heart!

    Hope you feel better soon x

  2. I have dreamed many times about being part of the books or films :P


  3. I'd have loved to have gone to school at Hogwarts.. x


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