24 Nov 2011

Today is the 24/11/11

Happy thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it! Hope you have a turkeylicious day ;)

I, on the other hand, have spent today trying my hand at giant multi coloured paper pom pom making .. though I changed my mind halfway and sort of made it more of half a pom pom and more of a flower, but hey. I apologise for the bad lighting, its only half past 4 but already almost pitch black outside, so I've had to turn on all my lights in my room (I also apologise for the bed and table images... along with the strange curtains halls have... I have literally nowhere to take any good photo's, the carpets are blue for crying out loud).

Why on earth are you making giant pom pom/flowers things, Annabel? I hear you ask. For my current project I answer. It's quite simple, I'm going to make a whole bunch of the little (cough massive) buggers and hang them in my studio space and cover my wall with them so everyone will go "ahhhh".What. A. Plan.

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