1 Nov 2011

Today I'm lusting over...

Stupidly lovely chevron purses.

Gorgeous vintage rings.

And very sweet iPhone cases.
The problem with this is I don't even have an iPhone.... Long story short, I was supposed to be getting one today as my phone is due for an upgrade, or so I thought, they think I've only had my phone for a year for some reason, when it was a 24 month contract, so of course they are sadly mistaken. I'm not best pleased with T-mobile right now and am thinking of switching to orange. But we'll see!

Hope you had a lovely (and safe) Halloween last night! I'm rather glad it's all over now as students + Halloween = crazy! one of my flatmates came home without a costume on at stupid o'clock, another got locked out and the other missed work this morning. Ack!


  1. Go onto o2! orange are shocking compared to o2 ;)

    I want that purse!

  2. lovely purse but I really love the nail polish in that picture!


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