2 Nov 2011

A new project..

I got my second project brief of the year today, and I am so so so excited about it, I have a million ideas for it already!
Part of the brief:
We would like you to research 'Home Furnishing'/'Do it yourself'/'Office Furnishing', haberdashers, Pound Shops, Junk shops etc, as metaphors of contemporary attitudes, i.e. 'lifestyle', fashion consumption and display.
 AMAZING! Its all I practically look at on the internet, my pinterest is stacked full of lovely resource material already! can you tell I'm excited with the over use of exclamation points? maybe just a little.
I have an idea to create a sort of... D.I.Y filled space in my studio space, just a tonne of things I'll make to sort of make this homely environment. I don't know exactly, maybe I'm just blabbering (likely) but I've got 6 weeks to do this, so be prepared for lots of D.I.Y shots!

Here's some I prepared earlier.... totally kidding, these are inspiration :)

click images for sources.

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