23 Nov 2011

Life lately

Life lately makes me want to curl into a ball and sleep 24/7, or possibly just cover my face like shown (uhm okay). Though I am enjoying wearing my cat dress today an awful lot, I want to prance around in it and show everyone.
Is there such an illness as being tired all the time? maybe I should google that because I just yawned again and I pinkie promise I've had enough sleep.

(My hair isn't two different colours, its just the light, though wouldn't that be pretty cool)

My PJ's and of course a sketchbook full of work and brilliant ideas.

I apologise for my iPhone photos and sometimes ordinary camera ones, Santa has never brought me a fancy pants SLR that is apparently needed to take any and all good pictures (curse him).

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  1. You have to tell me where to get that dress.. seriously! Your pjs are also very cute... Maybe you have S.A.D? (google it) winter makes me sleep alot too, just because I like being cosy and warm and winter is definitely not either of those things! xx


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