8 Nov 2011

Inspired by..

Last year I took a quick jewellery making course as part of my foundation degree, It was pretty basic, but I had a lot of fun!
At first I learnt just how to make a copper ring, and a domed copper circle with a design cut out of it. Then, We moved on to making silver rings, I spent the rest of the course making two silver bands, one plain (my first one) then the other with a sweet little amethyst set onto a thin silver band. Setting stones is so hard! oh my, I did my base a little wrong and the stone wouldn't fit, so we had to glue it in, in the end. I'm still extremely proud though! :)

I discovered Jenny Kim a while ago on Etsy, her work is absolutely stunning. Each piece of jewellery she creates is one of a kind because of the method which she uses. The lost wax method means each piece is hand sculpted by her from wax, then in the casting process that sculpture is lost.

Seriously, how beautiful are these jewellery pieces?! Maybe I'm a little in love with her rings, but she does also create stunning earrings and necklaces. LOVE. If I had had more patience in my jewellery class, maybe one day I could have been as talented as Jenny... alas, that was just not so, but that's probably a good thing, because between you and me, I'm a little too accident prone to be handling precious molten metals...

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