7 Nov 2011

First point of order on this awesome Monday...

Mondays.. are full of opportunity, don't you think? It's a brand new week for you to do anything you want, be as creative (or lazy sometimes... hey it happens) as you like. Doesn't that make Monday's just a little bit awesome? Of course there's also having to get up early, go to work or school, clean, cook, and generally be a busy bee, so that might take the shine off of poor Mondays glow.
But nevermind all that!

I got a First! An actual First! That's what's making this Monday awesome! You may remember the other week I handed in my first project here at university, pretty scary stuff right?! Well, today I got my feedback for it, and I got a first, I'm stunned, over the moon, overjoyed, ecstatic, shocked... just to name a few. I've never been one to get high marks, be the best in the class, in fact I've pretty much just scraped by through my A-levels and then my foundation degree (when I say scraped, I really do mean that, I actually failed my first year of A-level Art, but luckily I got to re-do the project while doing my A2 year.. lucky..) I guess, I just... didn't do what was wanted?
Anyway, that's all in the past, I plan on getting top grades for the rest of these 3 years!
Happy Monday! ;)

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