10 Nov 2011

Fabulous Thursdays

I don't understand how it can possibly be Thursday already... The mind does just not comprehend such strangeness, where has my week gone??

Oh well, at least I've still got a collection of fab things for you :)

{A ticket to Hogwarts}
What can I say, I'm a Harry Potter kinda girl.. I got a little teary eyed looking through the page to screen book yesterday that's now out in Waterstones , quite a shame is £50... 

{Cats and chevron and teal}

{Can I have hair like Katie's?}

{Friends is always my fave thing to watch}

{These Blowfish shoes}
I can't decided whether or not these will be my new winter shoes...

Hope you have a Fab thursday! 


  1. I love that friends thing.. my favourite friends moment is when Chandler tries to make the whipped sound, but keeps saying whuppah instead!! xx

  2. Wow, that IS a crazy coincidence! The boots are SUPER comfy, by the way. I've been living in them!


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